Help for Families & Children
  1. Parenting
    Parenting can present plenty of challenges. It can be daunting and dazzling all in one day. Whether you are a first time parent or a grandparent with decades of experience raising children, it can be difficult to set limits, be consistent, explain expectations and appropriately hand out earned consequences and rewards. Being overly permissive can be almost as damaging to a child's development as being harsh. Striking a loving, nurturing but firm balance can take help especially when the child has specific difficulties of his/ her own, including ADHD, separation anxiety or learning difficulties. We can help you rest easy knowing you're doing all you can for your child.
  2. Family Conflict
    Family Conflict
    Into every life a little rain must fall, or so it is said. Just as true is the fact that every family has some level of tension at some point. Families are made up of individuals and if the individuals are being honest, open and communicative, differences are bound to happen. When family conflict occurs it can be very stressful and have members of the family walking on eggshells around each other. In worst cases, houses will be divided or members will choose to walk away from the family unit for a while. Sometimes issues arise that families have difficulty dealing with without professional help. Divorce, co-parenting, blended families, domestic violence, and other issues can all be examples of conflicts that need help. Don't be ashamed. You are not alone. There is help and calm can be brought to your house again with some help.